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31 Jan

This means that we can be certain that the last scenario won't unfold.

Therefore, whatever manager clicks the Update button last will have his or her changes saved, overwriting the other's.

As you can see, with pessimistic concurrency control steps must be taken to ensure that data isn't inadvertently locked and therefore unable to be modified by other users.

Because of these challenges and the diminished user experience that follows, pessimistic concurrency control is rarely used.

These policies may add friction to the end user's data entry experience.

Microsoft offers a form of optimistic concurrency control from the Sql Data Source control that can be enabled by ticking a checkbox.

If you are ordering a ticket to a concert or plane flight online, it's important that from the time you pick your seat to the time you place your order and provide your payment information that some other user doesn't sneak in and take the seat you're ordering.

If it's been 30 minutes since the user has last loaded the page, does that mean that they're busily editing the data, and need it to remain locked, or that they've closed their browser and gone home for the night?But in applications where concurrency conflicts may occur, it's worthwhile to consider adding some form of concurrency control.The only way to guarantee that concurrency conflicts cannot occur is to limit data modification to one user at a time."Last write wins" is perfectly suited for many web applications, however, as concurrency conflicts can only occur when multiple users can update or delete the same data.In many web applications users can only modify data specific to their account, so there's no concern or need for concurrency control.