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22 Jan

Parts of the distinctive Quiraing “landscape have earned particular names.

The Needle is a jagged 120-foot (37 m) high landmark pinnacle, a remnant of landslipping.

While boasting many vertical heights, the area is mainly unsuitable for rock-climbing due to the friable rock.” Photo #4 by Joe Dunckley Quiraing Tree, Isle of Skye. To visit Skye without experiencing the Quiraing seems unthinkable.

According to The Skye Guide, “The Quiraing is awesome. Go on a bright and clear day for views of the Outer Hebrides and the Scottish mainland, framed by the pinnacles, cliffs and great buttresses.

Go on a wet and windy day to feel your spine tingle as the clouds and mist swirl around you in this unreal and menacing landscape.

Whether perched on soaring cliffs or standing next to the sea, they are lone sentinels that guide the way through the darkness.Northwest of it is The Table, a flat grassy area slipped down from the summit plateau, with vistas of the Torridon Hills and the mountains of Wester Ross.Southwest is the Prison, a pyramidal rocky peak which can look like a medieval keep when viewed from the right angle – the ascent of this is an airy scramble.” Photo #8 by torino071 Brides Veil waterfall, located just off the A855 can be a boggy but otherwise easier hike than some of places on the Isle of Skye.Although some remains of its floor were found as recently as the 1990s. Flashing and rotating lights not only help make lighthouses more visible, they help identify a particular lighthouse. And most lighthouses have radar deflectors with unique signatures to help identify them. These days many lighthouses are being decommissioned and left to crumble. Coastlines around the world are still dotted with these friendly beacons and, for now, many can be visited. Foghorns are used when weather conditions obscure the light.