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08 Feb

There is much broader range of trainers now, with manufacturers actively producing turbos like the Tacx Neo to take advantage of the Zwift platform If you are setting up with a classic turbo (not automatically resistance controlled), you will need to pair your speed sensor.Then a popup appears, asking you which turbo you have: This is important, as different turbos have different power curves, which will relate to how much power you will generate during the race/ride.When you are doing the setup, there is a little ANT or Blue Tooth animation in the top LEFT, indicating everything is working well with your chosen communication protocol – a great little addition, as most ANT USB sticks, are just a black box!(In the above picture I’ve got Bluetooth turned off on my Mac, hence the alert symbol) At the top RIGHT of the Paired Devices screen is the communications settings where you can toggle Blue Tooth on and off Once you have logged in for the first time, Zwift can auto pair your devices, after which, the Paired Devices window will auto-close after 5 seconds – making login more efficient when you have everything set up.So it’s worthwhile having a quick look when the system is booting. Zwift will auto-remember your password after the first login – thankfully Immediately after logging into Zwift you are presented with the Paired Devices screen.

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This post has been set up as the UNOFFICIAL Zwift User manual, to keep abreast of the changes and document the tips, tricks, issues and information which has been announced and also discovered by the world of Zwift riders.

(i OS download link, Android download link) To join one of the events from the Zwift login page, just click on the event box, and you’ll be signed up.

The title is in white, below that the race/ride count down.

Currently, it’s not possible to choose which track you ride on officially.

Although the courses do swap across the week between the tropical Watopia (black on the calendar, and which is mainly discussed here in the manual), the Richmond, the UCI course (White on the calendar), and the London course (Blue dots).