Foamy dating

03 Feb

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Our study shows that even in comparatively small impact craters post-impact hydrothermal activity can be estimated to last between ∼600 ka and ∼1.6 Ma and is technically resolved by means of the Ar dating technique.

Therefore, the longevity of hydrothermal systems in medium-sized impact craters might be an order of magnitude longer than previously estimated.

The melt rock results combined with the oldest syn-melt rock K-feldspar age and including all sources of uncertainties yielded a weighted mean age of 76.20 ± [0.29] Ma (2 = 0.41), which is interpreted to represent the best-estimate age of the Lappajärvi impact.

The age spread of at least 1.1 ± 0.5 Ma between the crystallization of the impact melt rocks and the K-feldspar melt particles warns against the use of single Ar analysis to derive a meaningful impact age.

In turn, the age offset monitors both rapid cooling of the Lappajärvi melt sheet versus slow cooling and impact-induced hydrothermal circulation within the crater basement, most likely driven by long-lasting heat flow from the hot central uplift of the impact structure.

This interpretation is in line with the grain-size dependent argon diffusion parameters and apparent closure temperatures of ∼230–410 °C determined for various domain sizes of K-feldspars observed in this study.

Thus, the further back in time, the less accurate the inference becomes.

The melt rocks yielded fully concordant ages with a weighted mean of 76.37 ± 0.46 Ma.

Dating of the K-feldspar melt particles resulted in a series of younger plateau ages ranging from 75.11 ± 0.36 to 76.11 ± 0.35 Ma.

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