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Keely Teslow is an energetic and bubbly girl who aspires to be a reporter.She starts to harbor romantic feelings for Phil during Season 2.It looks like Raven and “Chelsea Daniels,” who was played by Louis Stevens was always up to something and the craziness of the Stevens family was one of the many things that we loved about the show.Here is what cast-members Shia Le Beouf and Christy Carlson Romano look like years after the show. So many of the cast-members have been working on so many exciting things like the Sprouse brothers (who we are always swooning over) and Ashley Tisdale, who just brought out her Illuminate cosmetics line. Especially because @shopsignorelli's new fall collection is out with some of my favorite tees, jackets and plaid shirts!!The first season of Phil of the Future focuses around the Diffy family's attempt to fit into the society in 2004 and to repair the time machine to return to 2121.Vice Principal Neil Hackett attempts to discover that the family is from the future.

The series focuses on their attempt to fit in while trying to fix their time machine and return to the year 2121.Phil frequently has to make up excuses to hide the fact that he is from the future. She is a 7th (Season 1) / 8th (Season 2) grader at H. Pim is especially known for liking to pull pranks on people, mainly on Phil, Debbie Berwick and Vice Principal Hackett. She hangs out with a young boy "Li'l Danny" Dawkins".He's the best friend of Keely Teslow and eventually becomes her boyfriend. She also tries to avoid Debbie Berwick and Candida.Her professional career first took-off in 2004 when she began playing the character of Keely Teslow in the TV series, Phil of the Future and after that, she has kept working in the television industry on regular basis having appeared several shows as well as television films.Along with that, the actress has also been successful in landing roles in some big-screen movies such as Easy A, The Roommate, Grown Ups 2 and Killing Winston Jones.