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The connection between the Central and Eastern Paratethys was broken at the end of the Middle Miocene, leading to the development of an endemic fauna in the former, but new data presented here suggest that isolation was not sustained completely as Central Paratethys species appeared in the Dacian Basin during the Maeotian (Late Miocene).

Besides the isolation two falls in water level occurred in the basin during the latest Miocene: Of these, the intra-Pontian sea-level drop is the best known.

After months of living with this friend and going to gigs, she ran into Billy Corgan outside one of the local clubs she frequented at the time, leading to that fortuitous event in The Smashing Pumpkins’ history.

(D’arcy Wretzky and Billy Corgan) “[It was at a] local Chicago goth club called The Avalon.

“ lived with her sister (who lived in downtown Chicago) for a while before moving in with the lead singer of the band she was in.

Besides dating this guy, he was also her boss at the diner she worked at.

The Dacian Basin formed an important link between the central and eastern parts of the Paratethys, a chain of late Tertiary inland seas and lakes.

From the Maeotian (Late Miocene) onwards, however, tectonic activity was minor and relative sea level fluctuations were primarily driven by changes in basin connectivity and climate.We were a poor rock band, and he had to share rooms with me and Billy [Corgan].So I had known Kerry for several months, and I knew all his good points.Known for her trademark platinumblonde hair and rather laconic persona, D’arcy’s tenure with the Pumpkins lasted through 6 albums, before abruptly leaving in the midst of recording for “Machina/The Machines of God” to reportedly pursue an acting career.Born and raised in Michigan, D’arcy grew up in a brood of 3 girls (the older sister is Kelly, while the younger sister is Molly).