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20 Jan

What is wrong with being sexually active while looking for Love? Indulging in one-night stands and/or having a “friend with benefits” without the emotional component renders the task of recognizing when someone is right for you more difficult.Lust and Love are often mistaken one for the other at the beginning of a relationship. The Downside of Lust In dating, lust has two principal consequences: 1) We deny our more fragile side, never allowing ourselves to expose failures, errors, and struggles. Lust focuses on the “here and now” and the overwhelm need for immediate satisfaction.Each chapter is unique in its food and approach to love and seduction, some gently intimate and others quite naughty.Some Enchanted Evening is a lovely start, pairing romantic reminiscing with a decadent dinner.Right through to Pizza Passion which uncovers intimate feelings you may not have known how to speak of.An astrological look at the 7 sins of dating with tips, advice, and strategies to avoid them. ©July 2011 by Fabienne Lopez We are getting close to the end of the 7 sins. If you’re just tuning in, make sure to check out Pride, Envy, Sloth and Wrath.

By looking at the sign, house position, and aspects of Venus in your chart, you understand how to develop intimacy. The Examiner Palate Press Hopefully much more to come… My first book, Tainted Love, was published in 2002. I am also working as a freelance writer in several areas including Christianity, wine, sustainability, social justice and green building. You can check out my work by following any of these links.