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27 Apr

When they see the padlock on their screen, they feel that everything is safe. It's easy to use for a cybercriminal with numerous domains hidden behind the privacy services of various registrars.Moreover, the subdomain wildcard option on each domain is handy for obscuring a URL in a phishing email.We compiled this list by attempting a handshake with the Cloud Flare domains in our database.The "standard" certificates on this page (with "ssl" in front of the number instead of "sni") mean that the domain has a paid account at Cloud Flare.Paid accounts make up about five percent of the domains that use Cloud Flare, according to news reports.It's all a marketing effort anyway, whether paid or free.Suppose that grandpa, age 90, gets an official-looking email that advises him to immediately change his password.

When you email Cloud Flare to open your new account, they ask for your domain.(Their "data centers" are typically a rack or two of equipment that Cloud Flare ships to a real data center, along with installation instructions.) We asked Cloud Flare to confirm that sniffing is possible at these so-called "data centers," but they didn't respond.By now we're wondering if there's a plaintext Ethernet port at the back of their equipment rack that makes interception easy and convenient.Then they scrape your zone file from whatever dubious nameservers are listed at your dubious registrar.Without asking, they assign you a dubious "universal" SSL certificate.