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24 Apr

"He literally ate plate after plate after plate." "I could see sadness in his face.

His eyes, he never wanted to make eye contact with anyone," she said.

By contrast, the 29-year-old daughter weighed just 82 pounds when she was rescued, he said.

Angie Parra, who took a music class with one of the children at a community college, said the man wore the same clothes every day appeared "famished." "He stood by the table and didn't sit down," she told NBC Los Angeles.

They lived in the city of Murrieta until 2014 before moving to Perris, a small city some 70 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

And while she was described earlier by a law enforcement official as having the mental capacity of a much younger girl, the 17-year-old had been planning her escape for two years, Hestrin said.

The only child in the Turpin household that did not appear to be abused by the parents was the youngest, a 2-year-old girl "who was getting enough to eat," Hestrin said.

All the children were born in hospitals, but they almost never saw doctors and never visited a dentist, Hestrin said.

"These individuals sleep all day and are up all night," said Hestrin, who said they typically went to sleep between 4 a.m. Earlier, a law enforcement source told NBC News that the children were allowed two showers a year.