Garmin problem keeps updating traffic receiver

15 May

Cars with built-in Sirius/XM satellite radio and GPS systems can also receive live traffic information in the background over the satellite radio signal.

This information will be automatically incorporated into the GPS system's route. The above systems are also "one-way:" while the mobile GPS unit receives data from the traffic information source, it doesn't communicate any information back.

With good programming, this data increases the probability of the GPS unit selecting a good route.

To incorporate data about ever-changing traffic and road conditions, however, GPS units must be able to receive live information over the air.

Cellular phones equipped with a GPS processor can often receive not just their position, but also live traffic information over the cellular network.

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The onboard database can also include more detailed information, such as whether certain roads are highways or local streets, well-paved or one-lane gravel.

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Because these systems are "two-way," a user can rapidly receive updated traffic information for a requested area.

Some systems can also transmit back anonymous information on the GPS unit's current location and speed, to help the data provider build a picture of traffic on a given road that can then assist other users.