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23 Jan

The easiest way for foreign guys to hook up with local ladies in the capital is through the limited freelance scene that exists.Starting at about six or seven in the evening people start heading to a small rooftop bar in a place called Bor Pennyang.The bar serves a variety of drinks and mediocre food and has a few pool tables in the back that seem to be forever occupied. The vast majority of people at the bar are regular old customers.The place attracts a mix of expats, hippie backpacker types, binge drinkers, locals out for a bit of fun and a handful of freelancers. Still, the freelancers are no doubt the most interesting demographic for readers of this site.Drinks are cheap and there are some freelancers in the mix.Be forewarned that there are a number of transgender “ladyboys” in the club and a few in Bor Pennyang too.Vientiane, the capital city of Laos, is located just over the Mekong River from Thailand.It’s a small city by any standard, but especially when compared to cities like Bangkok or Saigon.

Stories of foreigners getting hit up with big fines for having a lady in their hotel room have pretty much disappeared over the last few years and a number of venues have established themselves are pretty reliable outlets for the industry.

The working women in Vientiane are on average on the demure side.

Rates and actual activities are rarely discussed and even those who have been in the game for a while often express a desire to find a boyfriend or husband rather than a quick money maker.

Many times they travel with friends or family and that makes things a bit more difficult.

It’s still not as tough as a cold pick up in the middle of New York City but it requires a lot more work than a point and click fishbowl like Honey.