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08 Dec

You and the PMO can view schedules, progress on user stories, and rollup of resources. If you suspect that the synchronization engine is not working as expected, you should verify how specific fields are updated.The data type of the affected field or fields, the attribute for mapping fields, and the task hierarchy affect how the synchronization engine updates specific fields.As a project manager, you can manage your project by using one or a combination of the following three methods: Important This topic applies to Microsoft Project Professional 2007, Project Professional 2010, or Project Professional 2013 from a client computer that has Visual Studio 2013 installed.Also, the integration of Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2013 and Project Server must be configured.You can manage work items in Team Foundation by using Microsoft Project or Project Professional if you use the Team Foundation plug-in as Create your backlog and tasks using Project describes.

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As work progresses, team members update their task hours, which are automatically submitted to Project Server and the project manager for review. As a development lead, you can use the backlog and board pages or the Work Breakdown query to review the work items that a project manager submits.

Until you resubmit the update, the work item can no longer participate in data synchronization.

Remove tasks and work items that no longer need to be tracked.

When the two server products are configured, the synchronization engine maintains scheduling data and resource usage for the configured data in the mapped enterprise project plan and the team project.

The integration of the two server products provides flexibility in how projects are managed.