14 Jan

CAIRO: first, you must keep in mind that “Sex Police” is active enough in Egypt!

Anyway I have read some posts on various websites and can confirm some experiences: – Marriot and Hilton are two good hotels to stay at!

he will get on with you and soon enough you’ll feel something poking your back ASWAN the best areas for cruising are the corniche and the souk.. but here it’s riskier because the Police patrols the river more frequently and these Fellucas are smaller than Aswan’s and usually have no back room…

Another attraction of Luxor are the Kalesh drivers.. Again, remember that Egypt is more strict than other countries..

Polen hat das Europäisches Sorgerechts übereinkommen (ESÜ) am 1.

Club Tug features the raunchiest of hand jobs from 100% real amateurs!

At night I went to the famous WENDY’S BAR which is Manama’s unofficial GAY Bar. You’ll find locals, expats and other GCC’s nationals. And he was not the typical boring straight Arab that just wants to get his nut off in 4 minutes! A large number of top videos in a collection that's rare and full of action.The number one collection with torture fetish videos to provide both lesbian and straight BDSM sex scenes and really harsh fuck moments. As promised, as always, I’m here with my tips regarding the last country I visited. I decided to stay at Delmon Hotel to be central and because I had read it was possible to bring people back to the room without any problems (as opposed to the Gulf Gate Hotel where they seem to bitch about guests! I was told the Ramee Baysan hotel is a good choice too! but it’s a bit out of city center and I didn’t have a car and neither did I want to spend millions on taxis! It was enough for me to see him in his tight boxers I was already so hard I was so embarassed.. so many Saudi, Kuwaiti, Qatari etc fly to Bahrain for the weekend to get drunk and laid.. that’s when all the people visit for the “arab weekend”..