Dating earth gifs

19 Jan

Thanks to the release of the once-i OS-exclusive Motion Stills app on Android, it's incredibly easy (and free! But before we go any further, it's worth mentioning that the Android variant of Motion Stills is different to that available on i OS. On i OS, Motion Stills converts Apple's Live Photos into stabilised GIFs.

Of course, Android doesn't offer the Live Photo functionality, so what are Android users to do instead?

There are two ways to make GIFs: easy but limited, harder but more full featured.

As most of the easy ones are free, however, we recommend you try them first! A quick search online will throw up multiple online GIF-making programs.

You need to find the smallest file size at which your GIF looks okay - any more than 1MB and it will slow up web page load times.

Any more than 500kb and your friends won't thank you for making them download your GIF on their mobile phones.

Each service differs slightly, but the basic principle is that you upload either a video clip or a series of still images.

Then you are required to do a minor amount of editing to get things as you would like them, before exporting back to your desktop a GIF you can share. But what about if you want to make a GIF on your Android smartphone?

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