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26 Feb

Our cams gained as much as 70 HP and TQ at other points in the dyno graph, and NONE of these camshafts lose any HP or TQ at 2,000 RPM!

The only cams I know of that were intended for just changing the intake cam, were the origonal hot cams which are no longer made.

(257*@ 0.050") 108 LCL valve lash 0.006"-0.008" (Thank you wheatz for the correct information) EX .356 lift 277* adv dur.

(257*@ 0.050") 104 LCL valve lash 0.009"-0.012" (Thank you wheatz for the correct information) RHC 208: (Web 208 grind) IN .407" lift 280* adv dur (258*@ 0.050") LCL not known (I dont know if they offer an exhaust cam also for this grind or not.

I do understand that int will make the most diffrence until i get a big bore but thats coming soon.

Also sence ill be in there already what other mods should i do? Your whole setup and what type of riding you do, plays into which set will work best for you.