Online dating and the narcissist

06 Dec

HOW could he switch from Prince Charming in public to a mean, vicious, cold and silent person in private? He was too good to be true (a major Red Flag that I missed).He always said I was the only woman he ever wanted or that he would ever want; he said we were soul mates. Life and our relationship couldn’t be more perfect. The more I questioned him and the closer I tried to get to him, the further he pushed me away and the colder he got.The term ‘soul damage’ repeatedly comes to mind when I think about it.A blogger wrote (Phoenix Rising website, 2013) that she had come to realize, years later but still in pain, that the experience had made her aware of things within herself which she had lost due to her relationship with a narcissist.Particularly, the endless praise part, I suck at lying and will sound so phony to myself, but I’m sure he will buy it because he’s that vain.And I need to start making lists and following through. I have to start looking for a place to live and figuring out what I’ll be able to afford, and where I want to be geographically.

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A year has passed since I ended a relationship with a narcissistic man.He never apologized; he said that I made him act that way. I couldn’t take it anymore and finally got the courage to leave him. He told me he needed space and seriously questioned whether we were right for each other. Unless I wanted to spend the rest of my life in an abusive relationship, it was I who needed to change.After torturous weeks of silence, he finally called. Again he made me feel special, cherished and adored; he put me on a pedestal and said no other woman could ever compare. I found out he was back in contact with the woman he had been seeing when I left him…or had he ever stopped seeing her? I needed to get away from him and the toxic relationship.I am removed from the relationship now but my heart has not healed.I can go several days in a row without thinking about it.