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07 May

The drum changes its rhythm and Madonna moves into the chorus, "Cherish the joy, of always having you here by my side", accompanied by background vocals and a bass guitar.According to the sheet music published by Alfred Publishing Co.The B-side of the single release of "Cherish" was a previously unreleased track called "Supernatural", initially composed during the recording sessions of her third studio album, True Blue and later completed in 1989.In 2009, during an interview with Rolling Stone, Madonna confessed that she had never been able to predict if her songs would be successful, irrespective of her personal opinion of them.

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Other instances include The Association song reference and Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.As Madonna sings the verses, the sound of drum machines, percussion and guitars back her voice.It begins with the sound of synths and keyboard and Madonna repeatedly singing the words "cherish, cherish"."Cherish" was built around the themes of love and relationship, with William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet being one of the major inspirations.The track also included a line from "Cherish" by the 1960s band The Association.