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21 Apr

Tyson and Marciano are two exceptions to this body-type. Whether by genetics, accident, or more likely from their training methods, both developed powerful lower bodies, and as a result, knockout power that is tough to rival.

Both men have massive, tree trunk-like legs, from which their power is initiated. The lesson: if you want real-world power, develop your legs. Yes, I’m seriously telling you to stop short on your reps.

Happiness isn’t as appreciated if we haven’t already experienced pain or sadness.

Success isn’t as satisfying if it isn’t preceded by failure.

Nun gibt er die Leitung an seinen Nachfolger Heinz Brassel ab.

Im Rückblick weiss Ernst von positiven Entwicklungen, aber auch von grossen Rückschlägen zu berichten.

Yet, both walked through bigger opponents like few others – no matter their size – have. When you look at the majority of fighters in boxing, you’ll notice that the many of them are ‘top-heavy’.

Their training focuses on their upper body; the muscles directly involved in throwing punches and defending against them.

If you have access to an Olympic platform and bumper plates, or if you’re not bashful about dropping your weights, lift the bar as fast as you possibly can while maintaining good form, then as the weight reaches the top of your knee caps, drop it.

The last few inches of a deadlift aren’t necessary when training for explosive power and can even hurt your lower back.