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23 Mar

It directly updates the affected modules in your running application.

The purpose of this is to give you a faster, more productive development experience.

Webpack dev middleware is integrated into these projects via files that are compiled into your components), and the updated version is almost immediately available to the browser. Hot Module Replacement (HMR) takes the dev middleware feature a step further.

It sets up a live link between the Webpack dev middleware service and your application running in your local browser.

To see it working, just edit one of the Type Script or HTML files in your directory.

The primary use case for server-side prerendering is to make your page appear extremely quickly, even if the user has a slow network connection or a slow mobile device, and even if your SPA codebase is very large.

NPM is the largest repository of open-source software packages in the world, and the , which starts up a hidden instance and provides a fast and robust way of making calls into it from . For this walkthrough, first create a new application with ASP. Of course, you need to create a file with that name.

At the root directory of your project, add a file called Since you can now run arbitrary server-side Java Script in your application, you have access to the entire NPM ecosystem.

Option 1: Running via the Command Line To run your project on the command line, you must first restore both the . Execute the following commands: file in Visual Studio. NET and NPM dependencies for you (though it can take a few minutes).

When your dependencies are restored, just press Ctrl F5 to launch the application in a browser as usual.