Downfall of dating older men

24 Feb

At the beginning, I was getting a longevity of up to 3 hours and a slightly moderate sillage. Now with the last puffs out of it, I get a very soft sillage and feeling that after on hour is barely noticeable on my skin. And 2) Freaking Perry Ellis - yet again, producing a LEGITIMATE replacement to an product. All in all, good (not great) stuff, but if not for its superior blending, I'd be returning it for being so similar to the aforementioned cheapie.

The first time I smelled Armani Code was on one of those magazine sample cards. still like, but something smells very, very familiar, like something I already had... But either way, I can see this one having its moments.

Very nice but, I must say, it totally suits the pleasant, inoffensive attorney co-worker I first smelled it on.

It's rich and well made but doesn't stand out in any way. I don't get leather or tobacco as much as I get citrus and anise.

And memories of dark rainy nights of an early spring in Northern Europe.

After a couple of minutes of strong leather, the smells switches to a combination of aroma and floral aspects but keeping that overall aspect of leather. It's a bit more serious perfume that aims to a more mature type of people.

I do not find the scent so playful or mysterious, it is for those who are serious and they want to be taken seriously.The tobacco is present in the base and reminds me of Coqui Coqui's fresh smelling Tabaco. I still have an empty bottle of the first one I bought and the scent on the cap is still stronger than the one I bought recently. If you really have the Money to buy Armani Code you may do it...I've tested it several times and to me it's not worthy of my Money not with this Performance..There's simply something for both of the generations in it.To sum it up - that's how I imagine sexy scent that would catch my attention for sure.