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02 May

(2) Without prejudice to the provisions of sub-section (1) the County Education Board shall set up specialized committees on- (a) finance, audit and human resources; (b) basic education; (c) special needs education; (d) early childhood care and education; (e) vocational institutions and village polytechnics; (f) standards and quality assurance; and deliberations of any of its committees. The role of the Sponsor shall be — (a) consultation with the Teachers’ Commission on matters related to staffing; (b) recommendation of review of curriculum, books and other teaching (c) representation in the School Management Committees and Board of Management; (d) supervisory and advisory services regarding religious education in schools.

(2) A person shall be qualified for appointment the Secretary if the person— (a) holds a minimum of a first education or related discipline; (b) has had at least ten years proven in leadership at senior management (c) has experience in finance, management public administration; and (d) subject to the directions of the Board, be responsible for the day to day management of the affairs of the Board; and (e) perform such other functions as the Board may from time to time, determine.(2) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (1), the Cabinet Secretary in consultation with the National Education Board shall make regulations prescribing the coordination between the National Education Board and the County Education Boards. (1) Every County Education Board shall consist of a Chairperson, and eight other members appointed by the Cabinet Secretary as follows- (a) an eminent educationist based in the county; (b) the County Director of Education or his or her representative who shall be the Secretary to the County Education Board; (c) a representative of the county governor; (d) a representative of the Teachers Service Commission; Conduct of business and affairs of the County Education Boards. (3) All members of the County Education shall have a minimum qualification of education certificate as may be determined Cabinet Secretary from time to time. (1) The conduct and regulation of and affairs of the County Education Boards provided in the Second Schedule.(2) Except as provided in the Second Schedule, County Education Boards may regulate its own 22. 21—Conduct of business and affairs of the County Education 22—Tenure of members of the County Education Board 28— Free Tuition. 66—National Qualifications Framework Accounts and Audit 67—Review of standards, quality and relevance. (e) any other matter as shall be from assigned to the Board by the Cabinet 6. 65—Cabinet Secretary and promoters to be responsible for standards. (b) equitable access for the youth to basic and equal access to education or institutions; (c) promotion of quality and relevance; (d) accountability and democratic decision within the institutions of basic education; (e) protection of every child against discrimination within or by department or education or institution ground whatsoever; (f) advancement and protection of every instructed in the language of his where this is reasonably practicable; (g) encouraging independent and critical and cultivating skills, disciplines for reconstruction and development; (h) promotion of peace, integration, tolerance, and inclusion as an objective provision of basic education; (i) elimination of hate speech and tribalism instructions that promote the proper of ethnic diversity and culture in society; and management of basic education; (I) transparency and cost effective use of educational resources and sustainable implementation educational services; (m)ensuring human dignity and integrity of persons engaged in the management of basic education; (n) elimination of gender discrimination, corporal punishment or any form of cruel and inhuman treatment or torture; (o) promotion of innovativeness, inventiveness, creativity, technology transfer and entrepreneurial culture; (p) non-discrimination, encouragement protection of the marginalised, persons disabilities and those with special needs; (q) enhancement of co-operation, consultation collaboration among the Cabinet Secretary, National Education Board, the County Education Boards, the education and training institutions and other related stakeholders on matters related to education; and (r) provision of appropriate human resource, funds, equipment, infrastructure and related resources that meet the needs of every child in basic education. related departments on policy matters in (a) collaboration with the quality standards commission and stakeholders to promote standards education and training; (b) working with all relevant authorities to ensure that all the barriers quality education are removed National and County governments realization of the -right to education Kenyans; (c) the initiation of guidelines for Cabinet Secretary on the establishment education institutions; and (d) putting measures in place to ensure attend and remain in school to education requirements.