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02 Apr

Poppy runs the game which involves Zach's character "William the Blade" and Alice's character "Lady Jaye" on a quest for the Great Queen aboard William's sailing ship, Neptune's Pearl.

One day Zach discovers that his father has thrown out all of his action figures including William, effectively ending the game.

They steal a small sailboat named "Pearl" and clumsily sail their way to East Liverpool.

Angry, wet, disheartened, and now late for the bus, the three argue again and Poppy reveals that Alice loves Zach and wants to date him.

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Doll Bones won the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award in Children's Literature and was a Newbery Medal Honor Book in 2014.

They bury the doll and then walk to meet their respective guardians at the gate to the cemetery while promising to one another to keep the Story alive. Barry Goldblatt and Jennifer Rofe, writing for Publisher's Weekly, assert that "Black captures the adolescent sense that things are about to explode before they get explained. Some critics, however, were less impressed, but still found merit in the book.

As Cynthia Ritter of Horn Book Magazine writes, "The narrative is uneven: while the doll is believably creepy, the horror elements and the ghost story remain under-developed, as do Poppy and Alice's characters, and the resolution is rather abrupt.

Zach finds the doll in a ladies' restroom in the basement near a display of Lukas Kerchner's exotic pottery and learns about Eleanor's father and her mysterious disappearance.

Fleeing the librarian the children steal two bikes and go to the cemetery where they look in vain for the willow tree that should mark the grave.