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25 Apr

The actor also admitted that the worst part of getting clean was 'uncontrollable bowel movements', TMZ reported.

Vineburg's stepdaughter said he became involved in selling drugs in November because he was struggling to make ends meet as a musician.

Vineberg's stepdaughter Christina Soto, 33, confirmed on Tuesday that he did push drugs and knew the Oscar-winning actor but insisted that her stepfather did not sell Hoffman the heroin batch which is believed to have killed him.

Vineberg had not seen Hoffman since November, his stepdaughter claimed.

Ms Soto said that her father turned to drug-pushing when he couldn't even find work washing dishes.

It was earlier revealed that the heroin found near Hoffman's body on Sunday did not contain the powerful additive fentanyl, which has been linked to 22 suspected overdose deaths in western Pennsylvania.

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The talented musician was taking Roaccutane for his acne but said it changed the way his 'mind and body' worked His email, which was saved in the drafts section of his account, left his parents Derek and Patsy, both 59, racked with guilt.He was prescribed a six-month course of Roaccutane and the spots cleared up.Roaccutane capsules contain isotretinoin, which reduces the skin’s natural oil production.Talented musician Jesse Jones never finished his last email.The poignant message, found by police days before the 24-year-old’s body was discovered at the foot of a cliff in Swanage, Dorset, is testament to his belief that a drug used to treat acne had blighted his life.