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27 Mar

She understands the laws and regulations and is a strong advocate for her client in both the courtroom and the negotiating table. Hutchins, a graduate Suffolk University Law School, is licensed to practice in the state and federal courts of both Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and has successfully litigated cases in both states.

She adds: “I never accept an offer made over the phone.“It suggests I would be willing to take legal action against a company, which then triggers action on that company’s part.” Having earned £2,100 worth of compensation through 15 separate claims in the last year, Andra has now launched a blog — How to Complain and Win Win Win — to help others do the same.Andra, who currently has four ongoing complaint cases on top of her completed ones, explains: “The blog includes my tips for winning every claim. “I don’t look for reasons to complain, I’d rather be treated well in the first place.“After several emails back and forth I was eventually offered a pair of glasses of my choice for free.I browsed the selection and then chose a pair worth £270.” In that moment, Andra decided to start complaining more.