Pisces woman dating scorpio man

19 Feb

A Pisces man in love can be an enduring sight because he dreams of 'rainbows and angels'.

He is usually driven by his deep emotions which knows no boundaries both qualitatively and quantitatively.

While she can woo him with her mysterious and sensual personality, and at the same time provide him with intense support and security.

His lack of organizing skills and enthusiasm is what makes the Scorpio woman take charge.

They are considered to be mysterious and intense people as compared to other zodiac signs.

A Scorpio woman is strong-headed as well as secretive, who cannot be taken for granted or lightly.

She is someone who has a tremendous amount of inner power just waiting to be released.

A Scorpio woman in love is always loyal and honest, but can also portray strong traits of over possessiveness and jealousy in her relationships.

When a Pisces man and a Scorpio woman are together, they don't need to turn to the world for happiness because they are happy when they are with each other.People born between the February 23rd and March 22nd belong to the zodiac sign Pisces, which is ruled by planet Neptune and Jupiter.It is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions.Scorpio and Pisces are the eighth and the twelfth astrological signs of the zodiac, respectively.Both are water signs and therefore are highly compatible in almost all facets of life.