From friends to dating quotes

01 Apr

By the end of the novel, the boys apply this idea to youthful innocence, believing that they cannot remain forever unsullied by the harsh realities of life.

Here, Johnny urges Ponyboy to remain gold, or innocent.

Pony’s realization stems from a comment Johnny makes after reading a passage from Gone with the Wind, in which he says that Dally reminds him of one of the gallant Southern gentlemen from the Civil War.

The fact that Dally is too “real” for Ponyboy reveals something about his narrative perspective.

Just as the gold in the poem vanishes, the idyll must end, and the boys must face the consequences of the murder.

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There’s just something about saying “my boyfriend.” It’s like you have a beam of sunshine in your hand that’s all yours.

Our first loves make us flush, heart pounding, and we look at the world through new eyes.

Johnny, on the other hand, though quieter and more timid than Ponyboy, finds it in himself to admire Dally and to look past his intimidating exterior.

Dally does not scare him but rather fascinates him, and he holds a romanticized vision of Dally as an honorable Southern gentleman.