Otk dating

18 Mar

Believe me or not but most control decks can't "play around" Burgly Bully because they need their spells to survive vs Call to Arms/Corridor Creeper/Tarim.

Razapriest especially relies on their spells and they have huge problems to get Burgly Bully off the board. Yes ever other paladin plays Call to Arms as well but it is all about stalling the game long enough to clear the board with equality or consecration and not winning each board trade turn after turn.

with Dark Pact = 6 armor when Cube dies (from Dark Pact) 8 Health from Dark Pact 6 armor when they (4th and 5th Beetle) eventually die = 12 armor 8 Health So, instant armor and health = 15 armor and 8 health.

I can see the Call to Arms into Dirty Rat working really well, but at the same time all the other Aggro Paladins have Call to Arms as well.

Continue Reading Hello everyone, it’s been 3 months since the previous update, chapter 4 has finally arrived! Update info: Chapter 4 Storyline, map, monster, items, and everything.

My first 6 games, I went 5-1 with this deck, thinking this is unbeatable. So as of right now, I'm at about 50% win rate with this... It never works when u dont draw gun and other cards, u can wait for synergy for ages and then, u got rekt by any deck made by blind person.

Craft Beardo, try the deck and try something different than just filling boards with weenies to buff.

So I'm intrigued by OTK paladin but I'd have to craft Auctionmaster Beardo to make the deck. depends on your dust balance and given your informations I would say no, even if my decklist has 70-75% winrate because people don't expect non aggro-paladins. Relying on your opponent to give you coins in order to activate your "OTK" is not a viable strategy.