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07 Feb

She slept with two men while she was there last June despite having a boyfriend back home.Ilaria, 21, says: “I didn’t set out looking for sex but young people are loaded with hormones and because a holiday is separate from real life, it feels like you can let go more.” DAY 1 Sex wasn’t at the forefront of my mind.If I saw her out again I’d hope to have more fun but I didn’t want a girlfriend and knew there might be others on the horizon.DAY 3 The following morning was the ritual swapping of stories with Dave and Anders. I told the lads how I’d tried to creep home at 5am when Clare was asleep.I was on a high all day thinking about the night before and didn’t feel any regret about cheating.Really though, I only did it because I knew my boyfriend and I weren’t very serious and our personalities weren’t suited.

I was gutted, as I knew it was unlikely we’d see each other again. I am a bit younger than them and didn’t want them to worry about me or tell me off. But if they’d found out I wouldn’t have had problems explaining myself, as they didn’t know my boyfriend.

The tension between us was electric so we slinked off to her room.

The sex was incredible, with spanking and role play. I didn’t get her number, I knew it was just a holiday thing.

I had a boyfriend of six months and we were on holiday to celebrate my friend Jenny’s birthday, so we just went for a meal.

DAY 2 We went on a bar crawl and ended up at a club with a group of guys on a stag do. We decided to find a hotel as he was staying in a big dorm with his mates.