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25 Apr

I try to tell all my friends about Eid and Ramadan, but you kind of have to repeat it a lot or they forget.

Sometimes, it’s harder for me, because kids will say, “I’m Christian,” and everyone else is like, “Oh, you’re Christian! ” But then I say, “I’m Muslim,” and some people are like, “Ohhh, you’re Muslim.

I was also expected to denounce the attacks and show why ISIS is un-Islamic. It said,“I refuse to condemn things that are so obviously wrong, because it presumes that my basic moral code is in question just because I’m Muslim.” Paris was almost like déjà vu of the [federal] election.

The niqab debate was one of the only times I ever saw the possibility that my home could turn against me or that I would be unsafe in my own country. S., Islamophobia is gaining more and more traction because you see hate being supported by [Republican presidential candidates] Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

The first sport I tried was badminton and I guess I had a passion for it. My brothers are better at it than me, but I want to be better than them. I’m also the point guard on my school basketball team. Once, my pin fell off my hijab while I was dribbling and I was like, “Uh-oh,” but I kept going and it stayed on. ” I explain to them what the hijab means to me — it is my honour and my modesty — and how beautiful I feel with it on.

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When [the attacks in] Paris happened, the backlash against Muslims started pretty much right away, and it was overwhelming.

I feel quite safe in real life, but it’s hard to feel safe when you’re on the internet.

You don’t get the same protection, and that scares me.

Then it actually started happening closer and closer: When that mosque in Peterborough was set on fire, it was like, “That’s not too far away.” Within the community, they were drawing parallels to post-9/11, [in terms of] the sentiment that’s popping up. Here, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau denounced the Peterborough mosque arson and said that Muslim Canadians contribute enormously to the country.

That creates a different example of what’s acceptable. Next up: Competing this year in a national women’s cricket tournament in Alberta.