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23 Feb

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Silk was first discovered in China around the 27th century B.

During the 1870s and 80s, large numbers of carte de visite portrait photographs were produced but only a small proportion of these were of women in Welsh costume.

(For example, Album 350 in the National Library of Wales, contains about 250 small carte de visite portraits of people, mostly by Welsh photographers dating to the 1870s and 1880s.

It is both highly absorbent and easily discharges humidity.

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Scarves have been worn in all times and places and as long as people have necks this will continue to be the case.Silk scarves wrap around the neck and serve as a ready mouth and nose guard, avoiding sand, dust and dirt.Wetted and wrapped around the neck and head, scarves provide a fantastic evaporative cooling experience to combat hot and arid riding conditions.Of these, 66 are of women, only four of which are in Welsh costume, and of these, only two have Welsh hats.) This may reflect the cost of the photographs – only those who could afford fashionable costumes could also afford to be photographed and the exceptions may be either patriotic women who chose to be photographed in traditional costume (which may have been borrowed from the photographer), or women whom the photographer chose to photograph because they made interesting portraits in their own traditional costume.In contrast to the commissioned portraits of individuals, there are several numbered series of cartes de visite which show young women, normally in a studio setting, modelling Welsh costume.