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16 Mar

The man ignored their request to come to them, so they followed him inside the building.Danelak said his wife wouldn’t let him back in the apartment.He also apologized several times, according to the police report.When police arrived, they said they pulled up to the building and saw the man, identified as Stephan Danelak, wearing only socks, standing at the rear entrance of the building.If you decide to hire the attorney, in most cases you can be given an estimate of the fees expected to resolve your case, along with the expectation of when the fees should be paid.

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Read more trending news The city's environmental health department has received multiple complaints from citizens, and is conducting tests on the frequency and decibel levels to see if any city ordinances have been violated, KRQE reported.

A nearly naked man, wearing only black socks when police arrested him early Monday on White Oak Drive, is to be in court Tuesday on a misdemeanor charge of public indecency.“I didn’t mean to be naked,” the 65-year-old said when Dayton police officers asked him what he was doing.

They had responded to complaint calls about a man who appeared confused and nude in the Dumpster area of an apartment building, according to a Dayton police incident report made public Monday.

Read more trending news Police say they saw a young female driver slumped over in the driver's seat as they approached the car.

When they realized she was unresponsive, an officer had to smash in a back window to get into her car.