Validating xml against

17 Feb

Start with the normal basic logic for an application, and check to make sure that an argument has been supplied on the command line: .

In this section, all the classes are individually named so you that can see where each class comes from, in case you want to reference the API documentation.

As a result, the error-handling code for DOM applications is very similar to that for SAX applications: as an argument when the program is run.If the XML data has not been validated, it could even be a text node containing ignorable whitespace.In essence, you need to look through the list of child nodes, ignoring the ones that are of no concern and examining the ones you care about.In the sample file, the import statements are made with the shorter form, such as Next, add the error-handling logic.The most important point is that a JAXP-conformant document builder is required to report SAX exceptions when it has trouble parsing an XML document.