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01 Feb

She attended the University of Southern California for a semester and then she dropped out to focus on he acting career.Her career as an actress began as a Child actor when she appeared in 1995 film Now and Then alongside her mother which was followed by Striptease during the next year.She also appeared in season 20 of dancing with stars along with Valentin Chmerkovskiy.She along with her dancing partner was announced the winner of the show on May 19, 2015.Her nationality is an American and ethnicity is mixed(German, English, Scottish, as well as Dutch, French, Welsh, Irish).Her mother’s name is Demi Moore and father’s name is Bruce Willis.As significant progress is made on Flame's forefoot, Kris is overjoyed and unexpectedly kisses Junior, with whom she's been "just friends" for some time. She even decides to move into his trailer - but they soon realize that it is hard for a "Princess" and a "Cowboy" to co-exist under the same roof. Tired of having Kris living under the same roof as Matt, Gillian tries to motivate him to help find them a place to live.

According to rumors, she also had many rumors about her dating and link-ups with many actors.

For a while I thought about studying medicine at school and becoming a doctor because I've always been interested in psychology and how people's minds operate.

But I'm able to explore some of that as an actor and ultimately I think it seems more interesting.

Both of her parents work in an entertainment industry.

Her mother had videotaped her birth to show her father because her father was out of town during that time. She has two younger sisters, namely La Rue Willis and Tallulah Belle Willis.