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23 Apr

· June 6th, 1980: After promisinghe would preserve priceless art deco reliefs and statues on the outside of the Bonwit-Teller building after he purchased it, and donate them charitably to amuseum, New Yorkers wake up on this morning to discover Donald Trump has reneged on that promise, and hasconstruction workers demolishing what should be cherished national treasures.

In the aftermath, Trump could not bereached for comment, but a Trump Corporation spokesman, John Barron, told the New York Times, “, 1983: Amazing deal-maker Donald Trump makes an offer to buy the Cleveland Indians…lowballing the current owner by only offering up million dollars.

Lasciandomi solleticare dall’insinuante dubbio che, forse forse, pure io qualche cosa storta ce la dovevo avere.

Lui poi ha continuato a farsi sentire, perché gli piacevo, diceva.

Lisa Edelstein, who was a cheerleader at only the age of sixteen(!

) gave an interview in 2015 and classified their treatment as having been "like hookers”.

Non sapevo come spiegargli che era difficile che gli piacessi perché io con lui non c’ero mai uscita.

Che quella che era stata a cena con lui non ero io, ma una poveretta fortemente a disagio che faceva il conto alla rovescia per tornare a casa a vedere un cartone animato, ma cercando di non darlo a vedere per non apparire maleducata.

Mi sono accorta che era molto più semplice pensare che fosse lui così fuori di testa da non vedere la fatale enormità di quell’imperfezione, che provare io a darle il peso, non invalidante, che meritava.

· October 16th, 1973: The New York Times has the first mention of Donald Trump in the media, reporting on Donald Trump and his father being sued forracial bias by the Justice Department for housing discrimination against African Americans in developmentshe and his father owned.

In the following months, Trump hired Roy Cohn, theformer pal of disgraced Senator Joe Mc Carthy, to attempt to win a counter-suitwith the government for 0 million while hosting a press conference at the New York Hilton to complain that the government was forcing him to rent to “”.

Ho imparato due cose così: che se tu sei convinta che ti manchi qualcosa il mondo ti ricorderà che ti manca qualcosa e che la cosa che pensavo più difficile, cioè trovare qualcuno che ti ami senza volerti cambiare, è comunque più semplice di accettare di averlo trovato.

normally, the CSGOPOTDblog just puts down an “update” to new happenings about anentry. From hisincitement at violence at his rallies, to his permissive attitude towards whitesupremacists who support him and even placing white nationalists on his White House staff, from his several racist policy ideas, tohis authoritarian outlook that isn’t just borderline fascism, it’s almost thetextbook definition… Today he cites this as an example of his his “tendency to stand up and let myopinions be known in a very forceful way”.