Lake tahoe gay dating

10 Dec

When the temp accuses Delroy of sexual harassment, however, Imunique must clear his name. Latrell dates a trans-woman without realizing it; Fabian learns the truth and plans to break the news.Meanwhile, Jasmine gets catfished by the Naked Bunny Channel. Meanwhile, Imunique uses a kiss to convince everyone that she broke them up, and Delory and Macorani Tony travel to Lake Tahoe.Then, a simple game night goes catastrophically off the rails and pits everyone against each other, culminating in the decision to split the condo in two.Jasmine starts getting serious with new boyfriend Terrence, but learns to her hooror that he's a drug dealer wanted by the law.She struggles to convince De Miracle of what she has seen, then lands on Latrelle's new interest series.Fabian's cousin reads everyone's palms and causes much speculation about the future.Tyana's old childhood friend, Guy (Wesley Jonathan) is coming to town along with his new fiance' (Shanti Lowry) and she decides to throw a small dinner party to celebrate their engagement.Things get out of hand when Guy's stuffy fiance' discovers a few secrets about Tyana and Guy's past.

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Imunique throws a bachelorette party for De Lovely, but catches her cheating with a male stripper.Vallejo's public transit includes the San Francisco Bay Ferry, which regularly runs from downtown Vallejo to the San Francisco Ferry Building in San Francisco.Sol Trans buses carry passengers around the cities of Vallejo and Benicia, as well as offer express services to Fairfield, California, and Bay Area Rapid Transit stations in El Cerrito, California and Walnut Creek, California.In Season 4, Imunique (Bresha Webb) is still working at Del-Jones Realty while Latrell (Alphonso Mc Auley) is continuing on jump-starting his stand-up comedian career.Tyana Jones (Tatyana Ali) returns to Los Angeles, newly-single after a recent divorce, ready to start the next phase of her life.