Who is mitchel musso dating 2016

09 Dec

He said that he loves that the people he tagged will never change.

This led Osment to add that she loves him as well, a statement which was also reciprocated by Musso.

Earles also joined in the celebrations on social media by sharing his love for the show and his team hit television series that aired a decade ago, featured the life of a regular teenager played by Miley Cyrus, who was also a pop star.

Earles played her brother, while Osment and Musso played her friends.

The characters didn't start dating until Season 3, affectionately calling each other "Ollie-pop" and "Lilly-pop," which still makes me cringe a little, tbh.

And while the show ended five years ago, it looks like Loliver is still going strong, based on a cute Twitter exchange between Osment and Musso on March 16.

The conversation took place around the same time when Miley Cyrus tweeted a throwback cast photo captioned “Old but Gold.” adds that Cyrus, Osment and Musso continued walking down the memory lane on Instagram.

They posted old photos from the show and ones with each other to mark the tenth anniversary.

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He is not very tall as he has an average height of 1.70 meters.He has a whooping net worth of million dollars and the number has been always on the increasing side.It is all his immense talent and hard work that has made him this successful today.What we do know is that their random display of affection is a nice reminder that real friendships are always there for you no matter where life may take you or how much time has passed. It is well-known that cast mates Emily Osment and Mitchell Musso have always kept in touch, even after the show ended.