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25 Feb

Pair with small diamonds in the setting for a luxe finish to a matte stone.

Ring by Kristin Coffin on Etsy Sapphires are typically a blue precious stone, but they do also come in other hues like peach, pink, yellow, green and white.

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Avoid choosing a dull stone and look for gems with pretty patterns and antique settings.Tourmaline looks beautiful in a bohemian or baroque style setting, especially mixed with different colour gem stones.Ring by Ippolita via Bergdorf Goodman Topaz, with its dazzling array of colours and luxe clarity, is a natural choice for engagement rings.At 7 on the Mohs scale (diamonds are 10), Amethysts may not be quite as hard, but they’re still very durable and a fraction of the price.Pair the lavender hue with silver or rose gold for a gorgeous, romantic setting or set with other colours for something a little quirkier.