Aspx designer cs not updating

17 Jan

We can alternatively set this property programmatically.

However, it is imperative that this property be set before the fusion in Figure 1 takes place.

This step focuses on creating and configuring the new master page.

Step 4 looks at determining what master page to use at runtime.

This functionality can be useful in situations where the site's layout needs to vary based on the user.

Likewise, the bottom of the page includes information about advertising on net, a copyright statement, and a link to the privacy statement.At runtime, when a visitor is viewing a user's blog, the web application would need to determine the blog's layout and dynamically associate the corresponding master page with the content page.Let's examine how to dynamically load a master page at runtime based on some external criteria.The net result is that the page's control hierarchy includes the fused control hierarchy.Figure 01: The Master Page and Content Page's Control Hierarchies are Fused Together during the Pre Init Stage (Click to view full-size image) What master page partakes in this fusion depends on the value of the property during the Initialization stage, which is the very first stage of the page's lifecycle.