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13 Apr

I am now an Urbanist-Architect that has been serving as Deputy Chief of the Urban Management Division of the City Hall Of Phnom Penh in Cambodia.

Wendy mediates dialogue among stakeholders through workshops, seminars and focus group discussions.

In the past, Jess co-founded Green Ups Sustainability Drinks, Grow it Local and the Elizabeth Street Gallery, and she has worked on the Garage Sale Trail, Tweed Ride, and Grow Show – which featured an enormous veggie patch and education programs outside of Melbourne Town Hall.

These are all programs designed to make sustainability issues accessible and fun.

My current missions are advising, designing and implementing various urban projects in the public work field linking to the master plan of Phnom Penh.

I am promoting urban vegetation, valorisation of public spaces and civic education through pilot projects like public parks and gardens, revitalizing pedestrian spaces, development of public transportation etc.