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09 Jan

Or maybe you find a friend that will play a huge role in your life. And how someone makes you feel, even on a given evening, is a great indicator of their ability to create a space for you to grow.

As long as they are being authentic on the date, you are getting a small taster spoon of what a relationship with this person could feel like.

This means no gossiping about ex-boyfriends, ladies!

Stop dwelling in the past – if an old relationship didn’t work out, accept that fact and move on.

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I can assure you that there are several ways to make dating fun!Dating and hook-up app Tinder has a new digital ad that positions it as an app for freedom, breaking away from the status quo and just doing things your own way. So yes, the app that facilitates your hookups and awkward bar meet-ups is now marketing itself as a back-to-basics concept. While their relationship evolves naturally, the ad argues that too many restrictions, rituals and even legislation have made relationships overly complicated. One way to rid your expectations on dates is to turn your dial to "Know Somebody." That’s it. This is not inauthentic, either: rather, you're basically telling yourself that all you want from the date is to know another person, which is an honest, but more realistic, desire.You want to hear someone’s story and experience the world through someone else’s eyes and they get to hear your story and experience the world through yours.