Chatelaine com sexed

04 Apr

Sex is a preoccupation; she is eager to lose her virginity (a goal she accomplishes).

Johanna’s adolescent sexual adventures do not leave her dead or subject to other moral punishment.

She’s now an acclaimed columnist for the Times and Britain’s most prominent feminist.

So, in conclusion, what could we say about this collection?

Well, beware of the fashion allegory: a sailor's hat is also a flotation device; a chatelaine often indicated the status of a woman in a household, with the most powerful one who usually directed also the servants, holding the key to many desks, locked cabinets and rooms.

Knowing history has always been an advantage for Prada and it worked well in the collection as Miuccia remixed capes and recreated them in denim, proving that an officer's coat can still work pretty well in our times once it is de-contextualised and a sailor's top in leather can provide a new perspective on a classic uniform; dresses from the '40s were also reinvented as backless draped satin and velvet ensembles, and sexed up by adding high heels and diamond-patterned woollen tights.

Before the 1850s pockets were not too common in women's garments and a chatelaine (directly derived from the sets of keys held by the mistress of a castle) was a useful accessory: chatelaines such as the ones included in this post (from the V&A Museum collection) were usually attached to a belt via a single clip or clasp, and would make small items such as scissors, thimbles, buttonhooks, watches, household seals, keys, money and a small almanack easily accessible for housewives and housekeepers.