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26 Dec

Once they divorced, she went ahead and switched out the “T” for a “M,” allowing the tattoo to read Mommy instead.Back in 2008, Heidi Klum had then-husband Seal’s name inked on her right forearm.She and Sean started dating shortly after she filed for divorce last year, and since then, they’ve hit up tons of red carpets together and hinted at their second Twenty88 collaboration. — maybe corresponding couple tattoos are in their future as well. Sean Anderson aka Big Sean is one example that a bit of luck and perseverance are the keys to success.

Long story short, he had a weekly show at a local hip-hop station called WHTD when he was in high school.Queen Bey recently made headlines for slightly altering the look of her iconic body art.It looks a little darker now, and there are few noticeably different added lines. Though he’s no longer her husband, Wiz Khalifa’s face, along with cannabis leaves, once featured prominently on the back of Rose’s left arm (though she’s since had the tattoo covered up with the face of Slash from Guns N’ Roses)." data-reactid="39"Another declaration of love through wild body art came from model Amber Rose."People used to always be like, 'What’s up with you and Jhené?'" he recalls, before admitting that he liked the singer before they hooked up.