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03 Jan

These guidelines apply to all members of the WAU community (students, faculty, staff and volunteers) as well as contractors and visitors.

WAU prohibits and will not tolerate sexual harassment, discrimination, misconduct, assault, dating violence, domestic violence or stalking, as defined in this policy, in any form.

Title IX also prohibits retaliation for asserting or otherwise participating in the assertion of claims of sex discrimination.

It is the policy of WAU to comply with VAWA, which imposes duties on universities and colleges to investigate and respond to reports of sexual assault, stalking, and dating or domestic violence, and to publish policies and procedures related to the way these reports are handled.

~ Lesbutant & the Boss, Austin Do not talk about your ex. Studies claim everyone is happier in relationship when you don’t assign gender roles.

It makes you look like you’re still stuck, and no one wants to be a rebound. Meaning: Don’t wait around for that butch/boi/stud to ask you out. ~ Ashley, Washington DC Interested in learning more about LGBTQutie?

~ Eva, Los Angeles The most compelling people are the ones that are truly unique and passionate about something. The only people who know when you should have sex with someone are you and that person (or persons).

~ Ashley, Washington DC Make sure your hair and underwear are on point. Don’t even look at it unless it has something to do with the date. ~ Eva, Los Angeles Let’s Get Physical: the age-old question regarding when’s the right time to get horizontal with her.But you should definitely make out on the first date – got to see what you’re working with.~ Kristin, Austin When it’s time, clean and trim nails. ~ Ashley, Washington DC Text Versus Phone Call: in the times of technology, calling someone is almost as outdated as flared jeans and fedoras, but does that mean it’s ok to text your would-be boo? Just note, if you text any human being on earth for an outing, people will make the assumption that it is not a formal occasion. ~ Ashley, Washington DC Call or text whenever you’re thinking about the person, but don’t say anything creepy, too deep, or too sexual.It tricks us into thinking that we are not good enough.Instead, celebrate your accomplishments, big or small.