Traditions that need updating

17 Apr

We still love and need good stories, and we all expect to contribute to them through means very literally at our fingertips: we have blogs and Twitter, the status update and the 'Like' button.

Joseph Campbell argued famously for the existence of one shared human monomyth that forms the basis of all great tales and its persistence in every generation.

We have the greatest expectations of these idealized and idolized forms, our actors, our athletes, our pop stars and our presidents.

In the time of Wikipedia and Wikileaks, myth-making has been open-sourced, no longer the domain of wizened elders or great scientific minds.

my SFA is the official communication method of the university, so it’s important that you log on and set up your account. You don’t have to be admitted to apply for aid and scholarships.

Learn more about the different aid options that may be available to you, like grants, loans, scholarships and more.

Use Apply Texas to apply to SFA beginning July 1 of your senior year of high school.

You can preview the application to get a sense of the questions.

First-semester freshmen applicants must: SFA requires first-time freshmen applicants to have completed the Recommended High School Program, the Distinguished Achievement Program, Endorsement Program with Algebra II or Distinguished with Endorsement Program to ensure they have received adequate preparation for college-level work.

There are several ways to earn admission into SFA for students who do not immediately qualify. Decision letters should arrive within 2-3 weeks of submitting a complete application.

Once you apply, you’ll get your own my SFA account within one week.

Here’s a checklist of what you will need to complete your application for admission to SFA: Home-schooled applicants for admission who present evidence of completion of a nontraditional secondary education without an official class rank will have a class rank assigned by the Office of Admissions.

This process is in accordance with Texas Senate Bill 1543.