Traditions that need updating

17 Apr

The Office of Admissions has a notary on staff free of charge.

The process is the same but will require a holistic file review.

Each year, more than 2,000 high school graduates enter our freshman class and transform into leaders, thinkers and motivated learners.

With over 80 undergraduate majors and a supportive, caring campus culture, SFA offers every new Lumberjack a path to success. We’re looking for a freshman class of excited, motivated, curious individuals ready to make the absolute most of their college years in an exceptional setting. You are a first-time freshman if you have not attended a college or university since high school graduation, even if you’re entering with college-level credits.

A typical breakdown of Western history says Gutenberg destroyed the oral tradition, but anyone who's ever listened to sports radio or watched the Oscars knows that we are still in the business of myth-making and transmission.

In the information age, we don't simply recount the exploits of our heroes, we comment and opine about them.

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You can preview the application to get a sense of the questions.

We still love and need good stories, and we all expect to contribute to them through means very literally at our fingertips: we have blogs and Twitter, the status update and the 'Like' button.

Joseph Campbell argued famously for the existence of one shared human monomyth that forms the basis of all great tales and its persistence in every generation.

Applicants are encouraged to provide as much detail as possible regarding their academic achievements and extra-curricular involvement when completing the Apply Texas application.

An official, notarized home school transcript is required to demonstrate evidence of completion.