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22 Dec

Even Sicily’s traditionalist Cosa Nostra crime organisation is embracing equal opportunities, with news this week that the treasurer of the group’s notorious Porta Nuova clan is a woman – 38-year-old mother of five, Teresa Marino.

However, chaos and crime reigned across the island as the fledgling Italian government tried to establish itself.

She was chosen as one of the top 65 finalists, but when someone recognize Jenna from the Miss International Queen pageant, she was disqualified.

Here, a list of the most beautiful and striking trans supermodels in history.Take a gender studies course if you want the skinny on all things trans; we are not teachers.Unless, of course, your girl a gender studies teacher, then go right on ahead.By the 19th century, some of these groups emerged as private armies, or “mafie,” who extorted protection money from landowners and eventually became the violent criminal organization known today as the Sicilian Mafia.Laden with shopping, the 37-year-old was killed in a hail of bullets, yards from her front door.