Android widget textview not updating

21 Feb

Method set Text() as an argument could use specific text, string resource or String variable.We’ve also managed to use get Text() to read a text assigned to specific Text View.Mind that additional text would be glued exactly at the end of a current one, so usually it’s necessary to add a space at tge beggining, like ” More text”. So too see an effect you have to Summary: We could easily modify a text added in layout file.If we now switch again to main_layot file and open a preview window (use Preview tab on the right edge of screen), we will still see I’m the best text. First we have to find right Text View tag using its ID and then use method set Text() to modify a text.The easiest way to find element of the Android app layout is to use its ID. As you remember @ means that we refer to resources, then we give resource type and after slash resource name (@).This is because we don’t have any resource file with list of all IDs.If we want to add something to a text displayed by Text View, we don’t need to get text first, modify it and set that text again. Of course we still need to refer to Text View element found via find View By Id().This is a code: Instead of a specific string you could use a String variable or string resource as in the previous step.

We would add some commands to on Create method (), so they would be executed just after starting an app.Previous: Lesson 0.12: Java basics – more about methods & variables (access modifiers public or private, getters and setters) Next: Lesson 1.4: How to change a color of text and background in Text View?There are many Android tutorials for developers, but it is difficult to find easy to understand lessons for beginners.We finished previous lesson displaying I’m the best from file.But imagine that we would like to change this text to I love you.