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15 Apr

Critical information is given to those who lead tomorrow’s structural design and construction, including practicing engineers, government officials, and academics.Learn about emerging trends in the metallurgy of high-strength (HS) steel reinforcement, design considerations, current research focusing on ductile and non-ductile behavior of concrete structures reinforced with HS, and proposed ACI Subcommittee.Engineers, contractors, researchers, and students will benefit from learning about the latest research and test methods that will pave the way for a performance-based approach in specifying durability in concrete mixtures.Effective construction practices are essential to the long-term performance of the concrete pavement structure.The presentations in this session will emphasize the durability of concrete bridges and buildings subjected to aggressive environmental or physical distress.

The session brings to light recent research findings and provides an opportunity to discuss present challenges and technical demands.

This session will explore whether ground limestone and mineral filler should be considered inert fillers or considered to contribute to hydration, strength, economy, and sustainability of concrete mixtures.

This session will show how the use of ground limestone and mineral filler affects concrete properties and how mixture proportions can be optimized to take advantage of these materials.

This session reviews successful construction practices for a range of concrete pavements.

The objective of the session is to educate government code officials, licensed design professionals, owners, and contractors on the applicability and use of ACI 562-13, “Code Requirements for Evaluation, Repair, and Rehabilitation of Concrete Buildings and Commentary,” and the new ACI/ICRI “Guide to the Code for Evaluation, Repair, and Rehabilitation of Concrete Buildings” through practical examples.