Are lauren froderman and kent dating

16 Jan

And you can talk or not talk about whatever you want.Like you're not interested, that's cool, but some people are.edit: but I said not you before because you're not making a big deal out of it, I understand it's your opinion.I mean yes but at the same time not really, because when a guy says 'man crush' or girl says 'girl crush' it's generally acknowledged to mean not a real crush, but kind of a joke crush or platonic crush on someone of the same sex.It would have been more the way you're saying if she had said 'what's your celebrity crush' and he had answered Zac Efron.PHOTOS: Stars who hooked up on the job Froderman and Boyd, both 18, have giggled about the smooch, but is something going on backstage?"Kent and I are just very close," Froderman told Us after her big win.But this show pushes heteroromantic routine after heteroromantic routine down our throats and never discusses the fact that there have been a lot of gay dancers on the show. It's amazing how many people will happily watch TV personality after TV personality talk about their heterosexual relationships and romantic intentions and inclinations, but then claim that they 'don't care' as soon as a homosexual relationship is even hinted at.

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One of them did the cut thing across their neck to end the question and answer period. , contestant Lauren Froderman won (thanks to viewer votes) the coveted title of America's Favorite Dancer — but did she also win a new man?Froderman and second-place finalist Kent Boyd caused a stir two weeks ago when they danced together in a prom-themed contemporary number that ended in a passionate, convincing kiss.Somehow that doesn't bother anyone but as soon as anyone talks about the dancers being gay it's ' I don't care to know what their sexualities are.' So you can keep pretending 'it's just not important' but actually they are actively hiding it, either them or the show.Ok yes of course he could be bisexual but having kissed girls as a child/teen is not actually a good reason to think that. He's in what looks like a pretty serious relationship with Matthew Kazmierczak right now.