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02 May

It’s as close as you can get to an objective decision, she argues.In the first episode of , recent high school graduates Haley and Robby are torn about whether they should try to make their relationship work long-distance while they’re in college. “Thankfully, all of Facebook is here to help.” One of Facebook’s first forays into commissioned original content for its new Watch tab, the show is live and controlled by hashtags.

Date for Change – a dating site that raises money for your favourite charities.” Viewers vote in the comments — #makeup or #breakup — and the couple is supposed to take the final tally of these votes as an unshakeable verdict.The show’s host, popular sex and relationship advice You Tuber Shan Boodram, calls this the “wisdom of the crowd,” and believes that it’s better than any one person’s thoughts or feelings, or even the pooled opinions of friends and family.People spend millions of dollars each year on dating-site memberships…well what if all that cash went towards a cause you believed in? I chose the charity, and will host the badge on my site.What if YOUR favourite charity got a massive cheque monthly from a dating site? Change the world…sign up, make an avatar, browse other like-minded singles , find love …make real Change for charity. If you feel compelled to get involved, or have the same passion for wildlife that I do…click and donate!