Alex morgan dating history

07 May

"Having a partnership is so important, and we had chemistry right away," Morgan says of Wambach.

"She was always super positive, telling me, ' Take that shot. You're going to break all my records and score more goals than I will.' She instilled that confidence in me from day one."And from day one, Morgan has been explosive on the field.

In 1999, when she was 10, the United States won the Women's World Cup; Morgan began idolizing players like Mia Hamm and Kristine Lilly.

"They weren't just cool girls whose concerts you could go to and sing along with," says Morgan, who grew up with Britney Spears posters on her walls.

Five years in, Morgan is eager to show that a female athlete's fingerprints—or, in her case, footprints—can extend far beyond the field.

"I want young girls to dream about being professional soccer players instead of just watching the boys go out and play," she says.

Whether the race is 5 yards or 50, whether she has a ball on her feet or not, Morgan will win.

"He's incredibly supportive, and I think that says something about his character," Morgan says.Last winter, she married her longtime boyfriend, Servando Carrasco, a midfielder for the Orlando City team. "But it's hard juggling my family, my husband, balancing that time."Their lives are more in sync now that Morgan was traded in October from the Portland Thorns to the Orlando Pride, which lets her and Carrasco live in the same city.Their chaotic schedules—Morgan trains up to seven days a week during the season—can present a challenge. "Two pro athletes in one family is crazy, but it's our normal! They make it work by motivating each other and not letting fame get in the way. Until I notice that she's tethered to Schuck with a dual resistance band around both their waists. "Yes, I think I can."Morgan, 26, has always been on the fast track. I watch as Morgan sprints down the field—her 5-foot-7 frame leaning forward, her arms tucked in and pumping fast—at a pace that seems almost...human.